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Atlanta-based, Tube is a post-production boutique specializing in creative editorial, broadcast design, motion graphics, and sound. Tube’s unique and progressive space is located in Historic Old Fourth Ward, conveniently right off of the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside trail. Our studio houses three edit suites, an audio suite with two ISO booths, a 750 sq.ft. insert stage with hard cyc, a spacious conference room, as well as lounge areas and a kitchen/bar. Tube’s talented team is recognized not only for their technical abilities, but their creative aesthetic as well.

We are Tube

  • Chris

    Owner/Creative Director
  • Greg

    Senior Editor/Audio Engineer
  • Justin

    Operations Manager
  • Rodney

    Motion Designer

Musings from the Blog

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Tuesday Inspiration, November 11

We spent a month collecting the best inspirational offerings from the internet. This is your Tuesday Inspiration. Tube celebrated its 15th birthday recently. Naturally, we threw...

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The List of Why This Year’s Oktüberfest 2014 is going to be the Sh$#!

We are down to less than a week away from Oktüberfest. It’s time to start telling you folks about how awesome it’s going to be. In...

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Tuesday Inspiration, October 14

That rumbling in your tummy is not for food. You are hungry for inspiration. Don’t fret, we cooked up a heaping helping of Tuesday Inspiration for you. The internet has allowed...

Tuesday Inspiration September 9

Tuesday Inspiration, September 9

As hard as this is for us to say, summer in coming to a close. Don’t be too sad, you can drown your end-of-summer sorrows in...

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Tuesday Inspiration, August 12

It’s our favorite day of the month again, Tuesday Inspiration! Buckle up it’s time to get inspired. Now that it is over, here is a beautifully...


Tuesday Inspiration, July 15

It seems that we had a little too much freedom over the fourth of July holiday weekend so we are posting this Tuesday Inspiration a week...

We produced a promo for The Atlanta Cycling Festival

Riding Tandem with The Atlanta Cycling Festival: production and graphics package

For the first time ever, Atlanta held it’s very own cycling festival. Recently, Atlanta has been going through a transportation face-lift. It is obvious as you...


Tube On Stage At Shaky Knees Music Festival: festival recap videos

Tube spent a weekend in May shooting and editing recap videos for The Shaky Knees Music Festival. Watching our favorite bands, and listening to premiere musical...

Two Tellys for Tube in 2014.

Tube Wins Two Telly Awards

Tube is pleased to announce that we need to make room for some more statues on our mantle. We picked up a pair of shiny new...

Time for your montly inspiration

Tuesday Inspiration, June 10

It’s hard to stay motivated in this heat, we know. Here is some cool stuff we found to keep you going. This is your Tuesday Inspiration...


Tuesday Inspiration, May 13.

Has it been a month already? Here is your monthly dose of Tuesday Inspiration. We hope you had a great weekend. We spent ours at The Shaky Knees...

Inspiration for you

Tuesday Inspiration, April 15

Happy Tax Day!! OK, We think you have waited long enough. Sorry for holding out on you. Here is your monthly supply of Tuesday Inspiration. We...


Out of The Edit Suite and Into The Wilderness: Behind the Scenes with Fat Guys

We were still getting over our altitude sickness from shooting Prospectors: Season Two promos in Colorado when we got a call from Weather Channel Producer, Denise...

This is what being 4k -apable looks like.

Tube is 4K-apable

Cho-choo, all aboard the 4k train. That’s right, the times they are a changin’ and so is Tube. We have recently converted one of our edit...


Tube Gets Nerdy: Editing online Content for TBS.

Clap your hands everybody, and everybody clap your hands for Tube’s Senior Editor, Greg Partridge. Greg and TBS Producer, Nick Pride have been working together from...


Tuesday Inspiration, March 11

Sometimes inspiration hits you like a ton of bricks. We here at Tube would like to offer a less painful alternative. Hopefully this installment of Tuesday...


Tuesday Inspiration, February 11.

A spoonful or inspiration helps your Tuesday go down! What do you get when you combine our favorite local email marketing service provider, Mailchimp, Dave Grohl (Nirvana,...

Justin, New Operation Manager of Tube

In With The New: Announcing Justin Newton as Operations Manager

Tube would like to announce Justin Newton as It’s new Operations Manager.  Justin brings a new (bearded) face, and new energy to the Tube family.  Justin...


Tube in Times Square

The last quarter of our year seemed to have a running theme: size.  From the mountainous wilderness of Colorado, to the concrete jungle of New York...


The Weather Channel and Tube found gems on Mt. Antero, CO: Prospectors Season 2

Jagged rocks, steep cliffs, narrow roads, high altitudes, low oxygen levels, and unforgiving weather: these are the elements we were dealing with while shooting the promo...


Tuesday Inspirations, January 7TH

First Tuesday Inspiration of 2014! We hope you are as exited as we are. Now, calm down, sit back, and get inspired. Oh, hey! Before we...


Tuesday Inspiration, October 22nd

Happy Tuesday everyone! Time for some Inspiration. Wes Anderson released a trailer for his upcoming film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Another reason to fear the ocean:...


The Second-Annual Oktüberfest FAQ

FÜD.MUSIC.SWEETS.PHOTOBOOTH.BEER. Oktüberfest is almost upon us! We realize you may still have a few questions, ya? For our veterans out there – you are well aware...

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The Second-Annual Oktüberfest FAQ

FÜD.MUSIC.SWEETS.PHOTOBOOTH.BEER. Oktüberfest is almost upon us! We realize you may still have a few questions, ya? For our veterans out there – you are well aware...


Tuesday Inspiration, October 15th

Hey Everyone, happy Tuesday! Here are some things for your inspiration needs. Journalist Jon Bauman compiled three decades compiling daguerreotypes of soldiers from the Revolutionary War. It’s...

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Oktüberfest is almost here and we’ve got the shwag to prove it! Check out our koozies, chalkboard and limited-edition screen printed posters (designed by Alvin Diec...


Tuesday Inspiration, October 8th

Hello and Happy Tuesday Inspiration Day! Here are some things to inspire you. What is more inspiring than a calendar made out of Lego’s? (ANSWER: NOTHING) Film-maker...


Keep Your Eyes to the Skies: Tube cuts 2nd Watch for TNT Falling Skies’ 3rd Season

It’s doubtful that many editors know the third season of TNT’s Falling Skies more thoroughly than Tube’s Senior Editor, Greg Partridge. In late May TNT Senior...


Tuesday Inspiration Pick of the Quarter!

The process video is an unsung art. We see them popping up more and more – especially with sites such as Kickstarter giving artisans an opportunity...


Tuesday Inspiration, October 1st

Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope you’re ready for inspiration! Architects Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger have constructed the first ever human-scale 3D printed sand-sculpture. Don’t worry, no...


Tuesday Inspiration, September 24th

Hey everybody! It’s our first Tuesday Inspiration of Autumn! Huzzah! Here are some things to inspire you. The Scout magazine has some pretty great video collection of...


Tube on Deck: creating a video showcase for Deck Specks

With over eighteen inches of rain falling over our heads here in Atlanta this summer, you would think that sunglasses would be the last thing on...

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Tuesday Inspiration, September 17th

Hey y’all! Happy Tuesday Here’s some fresh inspiration for you. AMC announced that not only are they planning a spin-off show for Breaking Bad, but the Walking Dead...


Tube’s Owner, Chris Downs, discusses the transition from student to creative professional at POST magazine!

Tube’s Owner, Chris Downs, discusses the transition from student to creative professional at POST magazine! ...


Tuesday Inspiration, September 10th

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Here are some things to inspire you.  The Smithsonian wants to archive digital design, so they’ve started to collect apps and things! Way to think ahead,...

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Here are some photographs from Chris’ talk at AIU this past Wednesday. Thank you so much to everyone who attended and especially to the Career Services...

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